Thursday, April 23

Cute overload

I can't say that I WANT six cats in my life, because I am not really a 'have a pet' kind of gal.  
BUT OH MY GOSH....while I have them in my home, I'm gonna enjoy the CUTE OVERLOAD that kittens are!!  

We adopted a pretty, and very sweet cat.  I had an appointment to have her fixed, and found out that she had a surprise inside.  5 kittens!  Funny, they are all girls.  My lot in life.

The shelter apologized and agreed to foster them when they are ready to leave Mama cat.

May I share some of the cuteness:

Now go have a good day.

Tuesday, April 14

Thursday, April 9

Southern Storm kind of day

This is a severe weather day.

That is something to take seriously in the south.

I love days like this.

You can feel the atmospheric pressure.

I love watching the ominous clouds roll in.

The first sound of thunder echoing in the distance.

The slight fear of the unknown gives me a jolt of anxiety and adrenaline.


 Of course I want everyone to be safe.

Of course I know and respect what a tornado can do.

I just can't help but love it.

It's in my southern blood.

About a bed.

This is a simple post about a bed.

My new bed.

It is HUGE.

It is amazingly soft.

It is beautiful.

I smile every time I walk into my room.

I've waited a long time for such a bed.


Spring Break '15 (continued)

My 17 year old Graycie got asked to Prom.
Turns out, she needs a dress and all else.
So off to the 'big town' me, Graycie and Kait went.

I love hanging out with these two.
I know I'm Mom and I have to be the nag/boss/taxi/nurse/banker/cook/etc...
I will tell you some unexpected wisdom I have found...
It has to do with the assumption I made years ago that Mom's cannot be best friends with their daughters while their daughters are under 18.  
That is HOG WASH!!
These girls are in fact two of my best friends!
Yes, I am capable of being MOM as well.
It's a balance.
As is everything in life.

The next day I took the three younger girls to the (way cool) Lake Dardanelle Visitor Center.

Lot's of hands on learning in that place.

Rachel's bestie Lizzie came with us!

Afterwards we had pizza for lunch and then went to see:

Thank you Sophie for doing the opposite of smile.
I said, "smile"!
She laughed two seconds later.
No really, she did.
I promise.
She was happy.

That pretty much sums up our break.  A lot of lying around watching movies and playing xbox happened too.   

Oh, and we spent some time at the thrift shop.

Spring Break '15 (continued)

We took a road trip to Hot Springs, and stopped to 'put some SOUTH in our mouths'.  

BBQ BABY...yum!

We also had my niece Sophie for the week.

We ate, walked, shopped...good times.

And they had some go cart fun...

This's what we do.  

Spring Break

Spring break was actually a few weeks ago, but I wanna add it to my blog because it was great.

We did't go anywhere grand...instead took some small road trips to fun destinations.

First we hiked on a mountain not far from our town.  We found a stream that we all loved and stayed by it playing for over an hour.

It was such a perfect day.  
Ya know.

I received a text from my Dad asking where we were, because he and my nephews were in my town.  Actually, they were at my house.  Within the hour, they had joined us for some 'mountain' fun.

Oh, and this happened....
Yes, we think we are funny!

We know how to mess up a perfectly beautiful waterfall shot.

Oh, and what to do when you come upon a petrified spacecraft...

Me and my best friend look good in the great outdoors. 

Fun with the phone camera is a never ending thing among my people.

I mean it...

Spring break to be continued...

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