Friday, March 27

Starring Kait!

Jr High Spring Play
The Bottom of the Lake
Starring:  Kait Eastman!!

My girls have loved theater ever since they were cast in our summer community play OZ.  

Kait has been in several productions since, and in the most recent she landed a lead role!

  These kids put in hours of after school rehearsal to get ready for showtime!  As did their great theater teacher, and his assistant.  They all had a blast, and really developed good friendships and great memories.  And lets not forget the techies, backstage making everything run smoothly!

So proud of you Kait!

Wednesday, February 25

Snow Day

One of my favorite snow pictures right there!  Rachel getting nailed by a snowball.

It finally decided to snow instead of ice/sleet around here!  It was beautiful, and much enjoyed.  
We cozied up in blankets, popped popcorn, watched movies.  The girls missed two days of school, making for another long weekend.  Good times indeed.

I'm not a big fan of winter, but I am trying to be more grateful for it.  If anything it helps me enjoy springs arrival, and appreciate warmer days.  I also am grateful for all things that keep me warm...blankets, jackets, heaters, cocoa, hugs...because I get cold faster than anyone in my family.  I sleep with three big blankets and then put pillows on top of the blankets.   As I type this my fingers are like popsicles.  

Rachel is the opposite of me.  She gets warm super easy, and is a sweaty kid.  When I'm in four layers of clothing, she only wants a hoodie...or light jacket.  She will stay out in the snow for long periods of time, I have to make her come in and warm up.  Then she'll shed all her winter gear and put on a tank top and shorts.  

Here is me around the same age as Rachel is now...WHAT A WIMP I AM!! Ha,ha,ha!!  

Tuesday, February 17

Our extra long weekend {'s Tuesday and we are still weekending } review.

The girls had a four day weekend.  Ice on the roads have given us yet another day of said weekend.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Graycie and Kait had their annual "Thespian Festival".  Over 900 Theater students show up for a weekend of workshops, performances and fun!  This year our local High School hosted, so the girls were able to sleep in their own beds.  They had a blast, and I was excited for them...until Kait got in my car looking like this:


 Friday night the younger daughters and my niece enjoyed this sunset, it was amazing!!  I love living close to a lake, and it's one of my favorite things about my hometown!!

Later that evening Sam and I went out for a Valentine's dinner to Brangus steak house.  It was very good!  I had a petite steak and baked sweet potato, Sam ordered Ribs.  Since it was Vday and all, we decided to go to Stobys for a slice of pie after.  A progressive dinner...

This is how the man FEELS about ribs ;-}

Saturday morning Sam got up super early and made Graycie and Kait a Valentine's breakfast before they headed back to festival.  THAT is the kind of Dad he is!! 
The rest of us woke up to a table of Valentine goodies and breakfast as well.  I also got white daisies, which I'll take over roses any day.  

Sunday night our ice/sleet/no snow event started.  I'm glad we didn't lose power, I'm sad we didn't get snow, but that's life in the south.  On Monday we hunkered down and enjoyed a lazy day, no where to go with ice roads.

This is the only photo, it wasn't very pretty out.
Just Cold

Sam and I watched Lonesome Dove and had homemade chili with cornbread!!  
I love me some Gus {---You know what I mean if you've watched Lonesome.

Schools canceled today, and we are beginning to thaw out.  I have five girls in my living room, visiting and playing XBOX.  My niece is still here, she is home schooled so she can stay with us easily.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, February 9

Weekend Review and the greatest of these is LOVE. I'm learning...

Friday morning -- Early morning seminary kids.

Waking up at 4:30am.
Preparing lessons EVERY DAY.
Waking up two teenagers at 5AM.
Driving to the church when it's still dark.
Driving to the church when it's FREEZING.
All part of this calling I accepted!

 I sure love these students.
Most of them I taught way back in Primary.
I'm grateful for all I am learning.
I love the extra time I have with Graycie and Kait.

Saturday -- Graycie took the ACT.  Another season of my life is approaching too daughters starting collage.  It is bitter/sweet! {G is a Junior, so we still have a little while}
 Kait traveled with her Quiz Bowl team to Hot Springs.  They didn't place this year, but of course had too much fun!!
We drove to Fort Smith for my Dad's birthday dinner.  While in that town, we picked up my niecie Sophie, and also visited with my sister for a little while.
 These two are the best of friends who happen to be cousins!

I love my sister!!

Sunday afternoon  Brooke, Sophie, Rachel and I went for a walk around the lake.  It was unusually warm out, so we soaked up the sun!

Things that have been on my mind:  It's really good to get to a place of love with people.  A place where you hope they are truly happy, and you want to be a part of their happy.  I have some choice people in my life.  I've always said that I have NO INTEREST in being a snob.  Meeting and loving people where they are at is AMAZING!!  Rich, poor, stylish, awkward, dorky, all together, city~fied, country bumpkin, collage graduates or not, busy body, home body, working mom, stay at home mom, chubby, fit, tall, short....I'm open to all that want/need my friendship.  It's very important to not EXPECT others to be at that place with me...some need to be loved from a distance.  When you put expectations on  certain relationships...that is like sinking a ship.

I think it's getting easier now that I'm getting older.  I have more of a sense of who I am, a stronger love of self.  When you love who you are, it opens so many great doors.  I also have adapted the quote:  It's none of my business what people think of me!  Not as an excuse for bad behavior, because it is my business what I think of me, or what my Heavenly Father thinks of me.  If people love me, if people hate's none of my business!  That is their possession of thought and feeling...they have to work it out...or enjoy it...or not think of it at all.  It is NOT MY POSSESSION!
It is so freeing, to not worry about what they think.  I wasted too many years with that worry.

It's easier to be at this place with people I see and interact with personally, I wish it were easier with distant family that I don't see.
 I also am protective of the five most important people in my life, if I see a 'red flag' of something that is HURTFUL to my people...I will indeed keep my distance!  NOT WITH BITTERNESS, just to protect my know...Husband, daughter, daughter, daughter, daughter...the five most important people to me on this planet!


Friday, February 6


I dabble in photography, there is so much more I want to learn.  I love people photos!  I love the people in these photos, they all have a special place with me!!  Life is good y'all.

Cheryl and Frank^
Samantha and Ashliegh^


It's the only person I can be :)

Thursday, February 5

New Beginnings

Last night at New Beginnings:

The wonderful ladies I work with in Young Women's

Trying to pose my daughters, NOT HAPPENING!

Love our theme this year!!
"Oh ye that EMBARK in the SERVICE of God"
D&C 4:2

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