Monday, January 26

Weekend Review

Friday night we went out for dinner as a family, and played 'Trivia Crack'  on our phones...against each other like the nerds that we are.  I know that sentence is a mess, but frankly my dear I don't give a damn.  

Saturday, Sam and the younger held the fort down while Graycie and I ventured out into the world.  We did a little shopping, had lunch and landed at Kait's Quiz Bowl tournament.  There were over 90 schools there.  Kait's little team are not only teammates, but also best friends.  They had a little too much fun, if that is possible.  Such cuties!

Sunday was a good day at church.  Brooke gave her first talk, and did so WELL!  She wouldn't let us help her.  The first time I heard it, was the first time everyone heard it.  She did an amazing job! I love the simple smile across the chapel we exchanged when she sat down after it was over.  Being a Mom is simply the best, and as I've said a million times before....IT's ALL ABOUT THE SIMPLE MOMENTS. 

Sunday evening I made Cafe Rio pork for Samantha the Great.  She turns 20 today!!  Her family came over and we had a great visit.  NO WAY was my sweet pork as good as Cafe RIO, but I tried and it was pretty yummy.  
She likes to steal my phone! :D

That's my WEEKEND REVIEW y'all!  It's Monday again...I'm heading over to the high school in a bit to help Graycie's theatre group out.  
The dryers going, the radio is singing, the sun is shining and I'm trying to not dwell on what I am not, but be glad for what I am.  It's a know.  

Tuesday, January 20

Weekend review

Friday night we ordered pizza and just stayed home.

Saturday night we went to a baptism, and then took some fun missionaries out to eat.

Sunday night was spent with friends ... dinner and games.

Monday everyone was home for MLK day.  I did a photo shoot with a really cute couple.  Easy day.

and this picture happen.....

The house is quiet right now, so wonderfully quiet.  It won't last long, LOTS to to do in about ....

3.....2.....1.....go time again.

Thursday, January 8

Grand shared love

The closest people to me in my life have flaws.  They have weaknesses.  They sometimes offend. They do not perfectly give me what I need, exactly when I need. They need to be forgiven. They forgive me. They are NOT abusive. They are NOT evil. They sometimes say the worst thing at the worst moment. They have gifts.  They have strength. They make me laugh from deep inside. They have unique qualities.  They say the perfect thing, just when it is needed.  They teach me.  They listen.  They HUG me in word and deed. 
I want them in my life
I want every part of them
They are worth it all...

The things listed above describe what I am to the closest people in my life. It's a huge, shared love.

I am wanted in their lives
I am worth being in their days

It's taken me years to truly understand this, and I am grateful to be in a place in my life where I am understanding how grand huge love is.  It is my fertile soil, it grows me. It keeps me. 

Tuesday, January 6

A list on an ordinary day

My daughters captured this picture of me in church, and almost had it on instagram  'Super Mom!'
I spotted them and whisked it away just in time.  Giggles and me shhhhhh-ing them...will they ever get the 'reverence for the WHOLE meeting'thing down?  

A random list, because I like to make lists:

1)  My daughters are best friends, imagine having 3 best friends at your side all through your early life.  Something good has GOT to come out of this.  ;-)

2)  I drink one can of Diet Dr Pepper a day, mid day.  I don't drink more, but I can't seem to make it to 2pm without my fix.  

3)  I love to sit next to Sam, it calms me.  I sure did nab a great husband.

4)  There are two super hero toys stuck to my dining room ceiling, they have been there for a few weeks.  Not sure how long they will stay, but they are there.


6)  Am I nerd?  Wait listen to this first, before you answer....Marty McFly traveled 30 years into the future to 2015.  He arrived on October 21, 2015 {I googled that}.  I want to watch all three movies on that day.  We will be watching the past about the future in the present, and I think that is cool.

7)  Our dish is out right now, before the bus came Rachel was watching the TV screen.  All it reads is, "Congrats you have Dish 500".  She looked at me and said, "The book is way better than the show".   Ba,ha,ha...that girl iz funny!  Then Brooke asked if I'd record it, she doesn't want to miss anything.  :-D

8)  I don't usually see those two in the morning, because I am USUALLY at my church teaching early morning Seminary.  Sam taught it for me this morning, awwwww....sweet.

Monday, January 5


Thoughts on 2014:

2014 was exceptionally good.

To sum it up:  
Friends, Family, Fun!

Highlights of 2014:

FIRST are the simple moments.  Oh how I love the simple moments:

Other Highlights:

Camping in Branson, started out GREAT...ended....not so great.  A southern storm blew our campsite away.  

We'll be back!

Girls camp!
I refused to go to girls camp as a teen.  I'm not sure exactly what my thinking was, but I wish I had.  I love it now, truly love it.  This year I was asked to be YCL leader (16yrs and older).  It was quite a challenge, as I was there 6 days in a row.  I sure learned a lot, and bonded with some wonderful girls and leaders.
This year 3 of my own daughters were there and my niece Sophie!

 A lot of hair braiding

Our cabin was always full of the people we love!

I turned 40!
I'm years away from acting my age

Trips to Branson/Silver Dollar City
We bought season passes, so it was easy to just up and go.  So we did!

Road trip to Utah!
With Angie, Samantha and Kait. Stayed with Warren, Ramona and Alec
It was an impulsive plan, and it was sooooo much fun!
Until we broke down on our way home, but that ended up being {somewhat} fun too.

My nephew is serving a service mission at the church welfare building in Salt Lake City.  We had a great tour guide, and sampled some yummy chocolate milk and cheese.  

We visited Temple square and the conference center, and also had lunch a the City Creek Mall.

I love visiting SLC, but what I love even more is going into the mountains.  Warren and Ramona treated us to a Sunday drive up to Provo Falls, and then Mirror was amazing!

CANT believe that I did NOT get pictures with Randy, Connie, Jessica, Ryan and their girls!!  My Utah family that I adore!!!

Razorback Football Games!
Sam and I had several ALL day 
dates, driving up to Fayetteville.
Eighteen years of marriage!

Kait landed a lead roll in Big Bad!

Two weekends of concerts!
TSO with friends
Garth Brooks with Sammy

And then of course the HOLIDAYS with Family and Friends

 My Uncle and Auntie came in from Utah for Thanksgiving
Best selfie EVER!!

 Kait bell ringing with National Honor Society

 My SIL Kerri with Buddy!!

 She wouldn't leave me alone, so I wrapped her up.

 Samantha, my 5th daughter

Daily search for the pickle and prize

Christmas EVE jammies
My beautiful, fun loving daughters turned 
this year!
It is a great season in my life!!

I'm certainly looking forward to 2015.
I want to strive to serve more.  In some BIG ways, but more so in a lot of little, simple ways.  
I am an attention seeking person, but I want to strive to serve with out getting one thing in return.
That is my hope for myself in 2015.

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