Friday, April 11

More simple moments spent with my FAMILY

I made dinner last night as I normally do.

I told the girls to get their shoes on, it was time to set the table at the lake.

"We are eating outdoors this evening!"

Who says we can't have pasta at the park?

Who says we can't seize a beautiful evening by carrying our dinner to the great outdoors?

Sam was in the big city for a meeting, so it was just my girls and I.

After we ate and cleaned up, we just walked around and played.
The lake has a great energy right after a cold winter.  People, pets, cute kids are everywhere all with the same common plan...enjoyment of the great outdoors.

If I could pick a favorite simple moment, it would be sitting on the big rocks right by the water.  Talking together, laughing, listening to the waves splash on the rocks.  We stayed there the longest, as Rachel found a stick, an old fishing line and worked on creating a fishing pole.

In a few years these girls of ours are going to start flying away to lives of their own, as they should.
It's nice to have these simple times.

Thursday, April 10


Kait made National JR Honor Society, along with some of her best peeps.

Kait has a 4.0

Kait is a smarty pants

Kait is a divinely good person

Kait is GREAT

Favorite moments with my family. {It's the simple things, really}

"Hey, we should we have time to get there and get tickets?"

"Let's do it!!  We have to hurry!"

A little conversation between Graycie and I while sitting at Rachel's soccer practice last week.  At the tail end of a very busy day.

A group from Branson, MO came to our small town to perform.  They were a Beatles tribute band, and G loves her some Beatles.  

We got there just in time to find good seats.

G turned into a crazy sing along girl, and I followed her lead.  We ended up at stage front, singing along and cheering before the night was over.  

It was a favorite moment of mine.  I love Graycie and enjoy being in her company!!

Friday, April 4

Spring Break

LAST WEEKEND we took the GIRLS to Branson, Mo for the weekend.  We spent two days at SDC, and had SOOO much fun together.  

It was very cold in the mornings and then turned into the perfect spring weather, lovely!

One morning we got there and Sam and Graycie were more than anxious to ride the newest coaster, and wanted to head straight to it.  I opted OUT of that, because I am a COLD WEATHER WIMP.  
Kaitlyn, Brooke, Rachel and I found a little bakery and had hot chocolates and a sticky bun. We sat at a little table watching the ladies make homemade goodies in a huge brick oven, while chatting about this and that.  This was my favorite memory of our mini vacation.  Out of a lot of fun memories.  This was just precious, simple time with my daughters.  Oh and the sticky bun was AMAZING...the hot chocolate was perfection!  

We are going back this summer to camp and play there, can't wait!!

Wednesday, February 5

This blog has a purpose.

I took a stand in my life.

I finally admitted to myself and to...well, to a few people that........................................................

I can't stand yogurt!  I've been pretending to like it my whole life.  I don't like it, it's gross.

I feel so much better.  

This blog truly has a purpose.  ;-)

While I'm at it I will tell my dear blog a few other things that I don't like:

Root beer...blech.

Pistachio's (I liked them PRE pregnancies)

Ramen noodles

Orange soda

Mint chocolate chip.  Toothpaste oreo's anyone?  Toothpaste ice cream anyone?  

Cooked raisins!  Oh, dear.  The worst thing ever is to THINK you are about to bite into a chocolate chip cookie and it's bloated raisins.   

Most animated movies and almost all cartoons.  This dislike I have kept to myself mostly...I love going to the movies with my girlies, but I have a hard time sitting through them.  (strangely,I love Mega Mind)

Any kind of freak show including magicians. 

All over body tattoos for this reason:  It's like wearing THE SAME SHIRT for the rest of your life!  

Staying in bed all day when you are not sick.  I tried it out a few weeks ago, because I know several women who enjoy it.  IT'S NOT FOR ME!  No thanks.

Reptiles for pets.  

Hamsters, Guinea pigs, mice or rats for pets. 

Winter ice storms.

The flu.

Broken toes.

Mean people.

I didn't list a lot of foods that I don't like, because I generally like food.  The End

Friday, January 31

Last day of January!

I have survived the gray month ;-)

Things that have happened lately:

G made it into the High School musical, Little Women.  Yay :)  

I was released as 1st councilor in YW's.  
I was recalled as 1st councilor in YW's.  ;)

I broke TWO toes....OUCH!!  My poor big and second toe, two weeks later they are STILL many different colors and I cannot bend them yet.  

I drove youth two weekends in a row, miles and miles.  

Brooke went on her first Temple Trip.  She wore the sweetest smile as she watched in anticipation of doing baptisms.

Our Stake divided...the first time in 30 years.  

We still have to drive an hour to Stake activities.  

And lot's and lot's of normal days.  I like normal days most of the time.  

Thursday, January 16


I took a long walk today, and soaked up the vitamin D!  The waves were crashing onto the rocks and it was very near divine.  Certainly helps with this illness I have called 'The Month of January'.   

G and I stood in line for an hour this morning so that she could finally take her driver's test.  She passed!!  I am positive she will be sooooo happy I put this mugshot of her on my bloggie.  Shhhhh......

Do you ever walk into a room and realize that you have full on teenagers?  Well, I do.  

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